Ingrid Noll
For Donna
It was really nice with writer Ingrid Noll - I could chat and drink coffee with her all day. After we took pictures for about 30 minutes, Mrs. Noll noticed a few feathers of a bird in the grass. This had to be the scene of a crime, because the neighbor's cat, which she looked after while he was on vacation, liked to hunt poultry. Then we sat down again in her living room and where we chatted for half an hour about the possibilities, peculiarities, and beauties of different languages. She has also recited a poem or two by heart, noting that she sometimes feels "lost" when it comes to youth slang and that the youngsters would certainly find it "cringe" to hear her speak that way. I didn't find it cringe at all when she says "lost", it comes across very naturally to her.

Picture editor: Nina Meixner & Caroline Caesar
Writer: Nina Berendonk